In a previous life, my wife and I owned an asset-based logistics company for over 13 years when we got involved with a lawsuit. We got sued by an individual who claimed that our truck rollup door fell on him (which it did) and he claimed he suffered from a life-altering closed head, neck, and lower back injury. (which we had a feeling he did not) – he actually entered and completed in an Iron Man competition eight months after the event and our insurance company recorded over seven hours of video with him riding his bike, jogging, showing his son how to hit a punching bag in a sporting goods store. A 12 person jury panel spent five days hearing from 10 highly qualified neurological specialists, neurological practitioners, researchers, educators who all testified that they could not find anything wrong with him. Prior to closing, our attorneys played tall seven hours of video to the jury. We felt confident they would review the evidence and deny him the verdict. Unfortunately, they felt the video was a violation of his personal space and awarded the plaintiff a $1,200,000 verdict.

Having lost confidence in our judicial system and recognizing the high risk of owning an asset-based company that produces’ low returns, I decided to turn to a business model that has very low risk and potentially high returns; internet marketing. Over the next six months, I invested over $15,000 in 13 different programs. Before I get started, let me Below is a snapshot of my journey;

Before I began, let me be perfectly clear, each and every one of these courses, programs, and coaching sessions were quality products and at no time do I regret making an investment in my education and personal training. I strongly believe that self-education is the new norm.  I entered this space in November of 2019. I immersed myself in courses that I thought were ‘Done for you”. The first course claimed that after you took their training course – lasting 30 days, where you could be up, and running webinars in little time and begin running your own programs. After taking the course, it wasn’t as simple as that. Of course, the company called me shortly after I completed the training and ask how it was going. Confusing at best. Their solution was to have one of their coaches work with me- for a huge fee. OR I could fly to their headquarters and take a weekend ‘get it done program’ The fee; $15,000.00 for two days training.

The second program I enrolled in was worse. It was content-rich and comprehensive to a point, with templets, done for you campaigns and a confusing over the shoulders step by step program, where the presenter kept telling the view “it’s super simple” well, I am no novice to training, but I was thoroughly confused and the help desk was of little use. So, I upgraded and joined his coaching calls. This was more discouraging. His weekly call with students was studded with people who had the same issues that I had; confusing instructions and the sad fact they were consistently having their Google Ad accounts shut down. His advice, well that’s Google – you just must deal with it, I later learned that this is known as the Google Slap or Zuck Slap. Whatever you want to call it, these people were spending money to run ads on Facebook only to have Google shut down their account with little to no explanation of why. I ask the help desk if their program would work on any other platforms, not possible, their system is Facebook or nothing. I didn’t want to take a chance that this single point of failure would determine my fate. I had been down that road before.

The third program was much better; A done for your website and an over the shoulder step-by-step instructions that you could do as he did the same. A very clean, simple the website was up in no time, a 60-day done-for-you email campaign using the Aweber autoresponder. John Thornhill’s Ambassador program clicked off all of the boxes except the most critical one; Traffic. He offered the 90-day email campaign, sending out a prewritten email but I had no list. I later went back to the program and discovered that I overlooked the section on how to build your list but I was impatient to get something going and I suffered from shiny object syndrome, (going from thing to thing).

The next system was also a done-for-you system that was a step by step and comprehensive. Easy to follow and quick to go through. But this system promised traffic but did not provide it nor did they offer support. Pay up, then go away. And, he sends between 4-6 emails promoting his products, and he does create a ton of products. The only reason that I don’t unsubscribe him is I am still learning and by wading through his offers, I am learning a different system.

I am embarrassed to admit it, but there were several more programs, groups, and systems that I tried, all with little to no success.

I responded to an invitation to join one of John Thornhill’s webinar. This one on his Partnership to Success. I had thought about this offer several times but felt it was too expensive, but in his offer section, he had lowered the price by 50%.  After the offer stack, it was an irresistible offer.  P2S is a completely different platform from his Ambassador Program. First, this is not a website-based platform. The core of this system is based on a Blog system. Your blog is the hub of your entire system. And second, John has over 3,000 graduates who may be willing to support your launch with their list. The training is based upon the daily task with easy to follow instructions. His video training, like the Ambassador Program, is short clips with one or two tasks to complete before moving on, the vids are from 1-9 minutes. Each day should take between half an hour to two hours. If you work on this exclusively, which I now recommend, (I have dropped all other programs – everything), and work on it like a real job, which it is, this should take 20-30 days to complete this program. At the time of this writing, I am on day four and already have a fully functional blog, with a menu, about me page, and links to John’s offer and a link to an affiliate offer. At the end of this program, you will have a product that you can launch. More on that later.

In the meantime, check out my blog and let me know what you would like to see next time.

Ken L Davis
Ken L Davis

As a former business owner in the capital-intensive asset-based logistics industry, I made the move from an industry that suffered high risk, low returns to the internet as a content creator in the marketing niche where the risk are low and the potential for high rewards are great.

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