Take Back your Time, Take Back Your Life

A coach/client relationship is different than a coach/athlete. In this context, a coach is part facilitator, guide, mentor, teacher, accountability partner, and consultant. As such, my role is to help you define and articulate what you want in your business and in your life. We will go deep into what you want to get clarity on your goals, aspirations, and visions. As Yogi Barra said, “If you don’t know where you’re going you might not get there”.

Then we go deep into your WHY. Your reason for why you must attain your desired goal is your driving force for taking massive action. It is your drive and passion necessary for you to achieve your goal. We will spend considerable time working on the strong foundational mindset that will get you unstuck and mentally strong.

If your reason or your WHY for getting to your goal is less powerful than your reasons for not getting your goal, or your mental excuses, negative self-talk, or limiting beliefs cannot be addressed and resolved, the chances of you achieving your goals are diminished.

The final piece to this plan is to develop the Action steps, both the strategies and tactics to achieve your goals. These are the skill sets or tools that will allow you to apply these pro-tips, tactics, and life hacks to other areas of your life. Once you have learned, deployed, and mastered these tools, you will have the opportunity to level up your team members. The student becomes the master.

Our goal is to ensure that you have gained your desired outcome and now have the confidence and skills to continue your lifelong journey of self-education and transformation to a higher level, in all domains of your life.

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