This is my very first POST on my brand new BLOG.

Over the coming days, you will see this blog transform. Follow me on my journey as I build my online internet marketing business going through John Thornhills PARTNERSHIP TO SUCCESS program.

Like many who have gone before me, I have tried program after program following the “Guru’s” who make claims that their programs are fast, easy, and will have you making gobs of money overnight.

After spending gobs of money and gobs of time, I can tell you first hand that is just doesn’t work that way. Many systems are incomplete, requiring you to buy more add-ons, or upgrade your membership, or spend more money to get coaching – AFTER you spent good money thinking that if you followed their first course, you could be successful in your internet marketing business.

John was very upfront that his PARTNERSHIP TO SUCCESS system will work, BUT, you have to put in the work, HARD WORK, and the TIME, this will not be an overnight success story.

IT’s a JOURNEY, so, if you’re willing, I’d like to invite you to join me as I embark on this exciting venture.

Following his system of short how-to videos, it took ME less than TWO-HOURS to register my DOMAIN, set up HOSTING, install WORDPRESS, WRITE and PUBLISH my first BLOG!

I made MORE PROGRESS IN ONE DAY than I have in made in the last SIX MONTHS….now, THAT’s EXCITING!

Join Me on this journey!


Ken L Davis
Ken L Davis

As a former business owner in the capital-intensive asset-based logistics industry, I made the move from an industry that suffered high risk, low returns to the internet as a content creator in the marketing niche where the risk are low and the potential for high rewards are great.

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