Last Friday morning, I was in our utility room when I heard the washing machine make an awful noise and the clothes basket stopped spinning. I remember thinking that nothing good was going to come out of this. Now, I am not an appliance repair person but I do know how to turn a wrench, so, I did what I normally do when I need to learn how to repair something or learn how to do something that is not normally in my wheelhouse. I went to the mother of all training platforms on line – YouTube.


In the past, I have used this site to learn how to replace the water pump on my wife’s Crossfire, how to make brisket, (we live in Texas and this is a must on any man card) and even how to replace the master control board for our HVAC unit. This spring I even learned how to build a raised vegetable garden using the Lasagna method. This will be in an upcoming post, way cool.


So, with a large cup of coffee, I sat down and began to research the issues. I found eight videos that addressed the problems and offered possible solutions. I narrowed it down to three culprits; a blown bearing on the main shaft, a broken or slipped drum belt, or a failed water pump.


I pulled the back cover off of the washing machine and confirmed that the drum belt was intact and the drum would spin freely. This eliminated the first two possible issues. I then moved to the front of the machine and removed the cover and opened the cleanout basket. I found several screws, loose change ($2.36 exact), and several hairpins. When I checked out the impeller, the spinning device that moves water from the clothes drum to the exit drain was stuck. I had found the issue.


I sourced the replacement part locally and soon I was driving across town to pick up the part. When I returned

I watched the eight videos of experts who specialize in delivering high-quality training in an effort to sell appliance parts. They all described how quick and easy the water pump replacement would be. It was fairly straight forward; remove two hoses, disconnect one electrical connection, remove and replace the water pump. All in all, a 15-20 minute project.


This is when I realized the various degrees of specificity and exactness in explaining the process, and how this explains the title of this blog. I came to realize that every appliance expert explained the process differently and in varying degrees of completeness, and execution. Most videos explained the process generally, and some even skipped steps expecting an advanced level of knowledge on the viewer’s part. When it came time to remove the water pump from the washing machine, I noticed that there were no screws holding the pump in place. I spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to remove it. I reviewed each video in detail and only one of the eight addressed the removal. I needed to lift up the rubber grommet and slide the pump assembly to the right enough to lift the pump footings out of the holes in the bottom of the unit. Easy, once you know-how.


And that’s when it struck me. On line training programs have the same range of specificity. Some online training programs are much more detailed and descriptive than others. I have gone through a wide variety of programs were the trainer was lax and glossed over the difficulties, saying “this is super simple” and moved on to programs that left out critical parts of the processor delivered the content so fast that it was impossible to follow. Often taking hours to go frame by frame to complete the task and finally, to complete and detailed programs like John Thornhills Partnership to Success.


I have been studying affiliate marketing with John for the past month and have found his program the most competitive and comprehensive that I have tried. I set my computer system up so I can follow his over the shoulder, step-by-step training videos. On my left monitor is his training and on my right monitor is my post or page I am building. I play the video and stop it when I need to. I implement each step and do not move on until each task is complete.


Tonight I was working on the final page of the phase 1 training when I ran into a snag. The page wasn’t loading like he was. I re-watched the training video three times before I realized I had missed a 10-second description on how to do a specific step. I went back, added the step and it worked.


I am now ready to move on to the next phase of his program, Product Creation. John and I agree with the basic premise that most people start their online business with Affiliate Marketing. Easy entry, a multitude of products to promote, swipe files provided… It makes sense, it is easy to follow a program that is working before trying to recreate the wheel. However, at some point everyone should consider learning how to create their own products. Even better than Done-For-You programs or Business-in-a-Box. What happens to your business if the program is incomplete or reaches buyer fatigue, or the business-in-a-box is dated or worse, the platforms like Facebook or Google decide you don’t adhere to their logarithms and are blocked from their sites?

Don’t go there. Learn with me how to take your online marketing business into your own hands and control your own destiny. Join me in our online marketing business.

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